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500 churches of Christ going into their communities on the same day.

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Save the Date: October 3, 2020

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Door Knocking Tips

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Example Door Knocking Schedule

  • 8:30am

    Meet at church building for short devotional and prayer

  • 9:00am

    Depart for your neighborhoods

  • 11:30am

    Return to the building for lunch. Spend some of this time discussing, praying, and encouraging each other.

  • 12:30pm

    Depart for the last neighborhoods and door knock for as long as your team is able.

  • 4:00pm

    Meet back at the building to pray, organize information, and plan followups.

  • 8:00pm

    Email your results (Congregation name, number of doorknockers, number of doors knocked, studies set up, etc.) to We will total up all of this information and let every congregation know how many participated and how many homes were reached.


We want to give you information on some great resources you might want to take with you. You can go empty-handed, you can take them some of the great resources your congregation already has on hand, or you can order some of these great materials . . .

Visit their sites

  • Free Download: Printable tips to distribute to your team before knocking on doors. Click/tap to download for free.
  • Free Resource: Leave one (with the people at the door) and Take one (back with you so you can follow up). Click/tap to download these for free. 
  • World Video Bible School: WVBS Christian Gift Card Click/tap.
  • Apologetics Press: “Reasons to Believe” by Eric Lyons and Kyle Butt Click/tap. 
  • World Bible School: Study Bible Click/tap.
  • Glad Tidings Publishing: Door Knocking Pack of Tracts Click/tap.
  • Kaio Publications: “Sin to Salvation” by Joe Wells Click/tap.
  • 21st Century Publications: Pocket Bible Ready Reference for Personal Workers Click/tap.
  • Gospel Advocate: Know before you go: Books on Evangelism. Click/tap.
  • Sain Publications: “Someone Died And Left You A Fortune” Click/tap.
  • In Search of the Lord’s Way: Two free resources from Phil Sanders, Upon the Rock Bible Study Series (Click/tap) and Door Knocking Campaign Material (Click/tap).

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